• Features

    • Line interractive with only 3mS transfer time
    • Adjustable voltage transfer points and charging voltage
    • Automatic restart of load after inverter shutdown
    • Smart AVR function (two buck/boost modes)
    • Wide AC input range of 140 to 310VAC for 230V version 70 to 155VAC for 115V version
    • Generator compatable & Cold start capable
    • Fully functional LED or LCD display with audible alarm
    • Smart battery management with high power charger Wet battery compatible
    • Batteries (external) up to 500Ah typical
    • Intelligent two stage charge control Adjustable charging current for different batteries
    • Thermally controlled cooling fan
    • DC to AC isolation
    • Optional solar charger input (consult sales office)
    800VA, 1200VA, 1600VA & 4000VA; Wall Mount Line Interactive UPS; 230VAC & 115VAC Output Versions; Wide AC Input Range


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