2013-11-03 Dual Mains Input Redundancy Transfer Switch

Sunday, November 3, 2013 - 08:28

We have added to our uninterruptible power supply product family with the launch of the ATS Series redundancy transfer switch. Operating from 110 or 220VAC, it is a dual mains input device that will automatically switch between inputs if one fails, to ensure mains power continuity. Switching or transfer time is less than 6ms and the unit automatically matches the phase frequency and polarity when switching.

The ATS switch can be supplied with six IEC or six NEMA output sockets and these can be individually controlled, scheduled or delayed. An LCD panel displays input source, voltage, frequency and status as well as the name and current level of each output. Another display gives the status, voltage and load of each input and output, while LEDs indicate normal and warning conditions.

Remote monitoring is possible with SNMP Intelligent Slot and RS232 Interface. The unit measures 440 x 250 x 44mm, weight is 3.2kg and operating temperature range is 0 to 40⁰C.