• Features

    • 35W convection cooled
    • Integrated connector cover
    • ITE, industrial & household approvals
    • Class B conducted & radiated emissions
    • Input voltage range 85-305VAC
    • Regulated single outputs from 5.0V to 24VDC
    • Output voltage trim ±10%
    • Efficiency to 88%
    • Short circuit, overvoltage & overload protection
    • Conformal coating option
    • -30°C to +70°C operating temperature
    • 3 year warranty

    The LCW series of regulated output convection cooled AC-DC power supplies are designed to provide a cost effective solution for industrial electronics, technology and household applications. Features include wide range AC input from 85-305VAC, output voltage adjustment, low stand-by power consumption, output short circuit protection, over current and over voltage protection. Applications include auxiliary power sources, security installations, lighting control, smart home or office control systems, ticketing and vending applications.


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