• Features

    • Powered by the compensation technology, the rectifier module provides a power factor of up to 0.99.
    • The range of operating AC input voltage is extended to 90-176 Vac;60Hz.
    • Using the full-bridge soft switch technology, the rectifier module delivers efficiency up to 92%.
    • Powerful battery management: Load power-off and low-voltage protection (LVLD+LVBD) and secondary power-off; temperature compensation, automatic even and float charging management; automatic voltage adjustment; power capacity calculation; online battery testing etc.
    • Non-intrusive hot swapping shortens the time for rectifier module replacement to less than 1 minute.
    • Supports flexible networking through various communication ports (e.g. RS485 and dry contact) to enable local and remote monitoring without human intervention;
    • Mature AC/DC lightning protection, making it suitable for use in thunder-prone areas;
    • A complete set of fault protection and alarm features;
    • Front access servicing; supports space-efficient wall mounting;
    • Ultra-low radiation: Based on a cutting-edge EMC design, the rectifier module fully complies with the requirements specified in Limits and
    • Methods of Measurement of Electromagnetic Compatibility for Telecommunication Power Supply Equipment YD/T983);
    • Safe and reliable: compliant with EN60950 and GB4943
    • Remote monitoring SNMP V2 (OPTION)
    • Hot-Swappable
    • 4 sets dry contact provided


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